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GRC India is accredited by QCI NABET to carry out EIA/EMP studies in the following sectors:

  • Building and large construction projects
  • Township and area development projects
  • Mining of minerals - open cast & underground mining
  • Thermal power plants
  • Metallurgical industries (ferrous & non ferrous) both primary and secondary
  • Industrial estates/Parks/Complexes/Areas, EPZs, SEZs ets.
  • Common Municipal Solid Waste Management Facility (CMSWMF)
  • Coal Washeries

GRC India provides detailed sevices in the all of the above sectors for obtaining Environment Clearance from The State Appraisal Agencies and the Centre (MoEF&CC). Services include :

  • Site Visit for preliminary and reconnaissance survey of the surrounding project area
  • Environmental monitoring and  generation of baseline data
  • Environmental Survey of the project area (core and buffer zone) for collection of  socio-economic data, flora and fauna, ecology, land use pattern including forest areas / inter-state boundaries,etc.
  • Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report taking into account all the 12 Functional Areas:
    • Land Use
    • Air Pollution Control
    • Air Quality Modeling
    • Water Pollution Control
    • Ecology & Biodiversity
    • Noise & Vibration
    • Socio-Economic
    • Hydrology, Ground Water and its Conservation
    • Geology
    • Risk & Hazards Management
    • Solid Waste & Hazardaous Waste Management
    • Soil Conversation
  • Mitigation Measures and Environmental Management Plan (EMP)
  • Environmental Risk Analysis and Disaster Management Plan
  • Epidemiological Surveys and Exposure Assessment Studies
  • Corporate Environmental and Social Responsibility (CESR)