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Outsource Your Business Functions To Your Most Reliable Business Partner- GRC India

At GRC India, we view outsourcing different than most industry players. Our success comes from our unique model, which is based on the GRC India principles. With a focus on our continuous process improvement, employee cultivation and customised programs, we provide 24/7 KPO services in the Environment Occupational Health & Safety (EOHS) space.

GRC India is a multidisciplinary environmental firm which performs a full range of KPO services starting from assessment, consulting and performing. We provide the following EOHS services in online /offline mode:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Study
  • Green Building Consultancy
  • Technical Services
  • Advisory Services
  • Research and Training
  • Ecology and Biodiversity

Other Services

  • Creation & Maintenance of MSDS and Labels
  • EOHS Audit Management
  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Laboratory Outsourcing

Why Outsourcing EOHS

The environment is at the top of the agenda for governments, civil society and citizens, and is likely to remain so for some time. Its importance in business and purchase decision-making, as well as in legislation, standards and regulations is increasing all the time.

As a result, no business can afford to take the environment for granted.

In recent times, functions that have traditionally been managed in-house such as Information Technology, Marketing, Fleet Management, Customer Relations, Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Management, Human Resources Management, Legal Services, Pay Roll and Finance are also being outsourced.

Against this background, most organisations are now mainstreaming environmental, health and safety issues in their operations.

While the types and levels of EHS outsourcing vary, the primary types of EHS Management outsourced include Waste Management, Remediation Activities, Operation and Maintenance of Waste Treatment Facilities, Regulatory Compliance, EHS Auditing, Environmental Information Management Systems, and permitting activities.

Benefits of Outsourcing EHS Management

  • Improved EHS Compliance
  • Access to best EHS experts
  • Concentration on core business
  • EHS cost reductions